Monogatari Series: Second Season – 14


Nadeko and Tsukihi have a heart to heart, and talk about Nadeko’s feelings for Koyomi as well as her perception of cuteness. Their discussion ends with Tsukihi cutting off Nadeko’s bangs, her first line of defense in her efforts to hide her cute looks.

The following day at school, Nadeko completely snaps and goes on a rampage against her teacher as well as her homeroom class, and speaks her mind about everything that has built up over the last couple of months.

Nadeko leaves school early (for good reason), and makes her way over to the Araragi household where Kuchinawa has detected the object of worship to be located at. Nadeko eventually finds it wedged in-between one of Koyomi’s many Ero magazines in the form of a talisman and Kuchinawa asks for her to feed it to him in exchange for a wish. Nadeko asks if her wish of having Koyomi return her one-sided love is possible, but is surprised to hear Koyomi himself answer her with a no.


Ouch… Flat out rejected just like that. Well, can’t say that I’m surprised after bearing witness to Koyomi rejecting the ideal woman of his dreams (Hanekawa). Perhaps if she had her glasses on during the confession it might have been a different story…

After being rejected by Koyomi, and having no wish which she could possibly want granted, it’s easy to see how Nadeko’s condition could spiral downwards to the low that was depicted at the beginning of the first episode. All that we can hope for now is a peaceful conclusion to this arc.

On a side note, seeing Nadeko go on that little tirade was entertaining to say the least, its nice to know that she has that side of her and made me begin to like her character a little more. Who knew that cutting her bangs off would be such a huge catalyst?


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