Monogatari Series: Second Season – 12 [Nadeko Arc START]


Araragi and Shinobu confront Nadeko at the Kitashirahebi Shrine. Shinobu reassures her partner that the Nadeko they once knew no longer exists and two go on the offensive. However, the red-eyed, white-haired Nadeko is compelled by her snake companion to kill Araragi and seemingly does so with ease, by piercing through Araragi’s heart with one of her snake-like strands of hair.

Flashback to the beginning of the arc, Nadeko encounters Oshino Ougi on her way to school and learns about what it means to be a victim, and how her encounter with Kaiki and the snake apparition play a part in her own personal role as a victim.

At school, Nadeko repeatedly sees visions of white snakes which appear and disappear, seemingly out of nowhere. Disturbed by these hallucinations, she quickly contacts Araragi and agrees to meet with him to talk in further detail later that night. However, as soon as she hangs up, Nadeko is confronted by another voice that asks her to come to the Kitashirahebi Shrine.

The source of the voice turns out to be a large snake apparition who requests that she repent for all of the snakes she had previously killed. Feeling as if she has no other choice, she agrees to help the snake.


Well, revealing the climax of the arc at the very beginning was an interesting approach for this arc, but that’s how it was done in the novel too.

Personally, I think it was a necessary measure for Nisio Isin to take when concerning Nadeko, who quite frankly until now was a very bland, one dimensional character with an adolescent crush on Araragi (boring!). It definitely sparked my interest, and now I find myself wanting to know how the situation progressed to such a point that Araragi and Nadeko would be locked in a fight to the death.

Admittedly, Nadeko is probably my least favorite character out of the bunch, but even I have to admit that her appearance as a Medusa was bad ass, and she completely destroyed Shinobu and Araragi like it was nothing. But I fear that Nadeko is beyond the point of no return, and all the awaits her at the end of this arc is death (figuratively by the destruction of her relationship with Araragi, or death in a more literal sense). D:

PS, I freaking hate these recap episodes. We could have been halfway through this arc already!


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