Monogatari Series: Second Season – 08


Back in the past, Araragi realizes that they are just a day away from Hachikuji’s fateful encounter with death. Realizing that the timing is just too perfect, he concludes that they were sent to this date to save her.

Araragi and Shinobu begin their, “Save Hachikuji” operation by first locating the Tsunade Household. The duo’s attempts fail, but luckily they run into the pint sized version of Hanekawa who points them in the “right” direction. They end up at a police box, and after a long chat with the police officer, are finally referred to the right location. There they run into Hachikuji’s father who is also looking for her, and Araragi quickly dashes off with Shinobu in tow to find the runaway girl.

Coincidentally, they find Hachikuji at the exact location they first met, the town map at the front of the park. Unable to resist, Araragi flips up the back of Hachikuji’s skirt, which causes her to sprint off into the middle of the street, right in front of an oncoming truck. Araragi quickly rushes towards her and pushes her out of the way in the nick of time.

They escort Hachikuji the rest of way, and after ensuring that she safely made contact with her mother, head back towards the shrine to travel back to the present.


Ugh… This is why you don’t fuck with time. Despite his knowledge of time travel and what not, Araragi was looking at the situation all wrong. Traveling back in time to the exact date of Hachikuji’s death wasn’t a sign that he was supposed to save her… It was an omen that he was to be the cause of her death. And now they will face the consequences of screwing with the flow of time when they return to the present.

It’s pretty ironic when you think about this scenario. Araragi went in with the idea of saving Hachikuji, and now, after seeing the apocalyptic changes in the present, will have to go back and TRY to get Hachikuji killed.

One thing I’m curious about is how Hachikuji’s death impacted the world so greatly in such a short span of time. Perhaps she was poised to become a world leader or a scientist that would a new weapon of mass destruction. She would only be in high school in present time so these guesses are pretty unlikely, but who knows. However, we will probably have a run in with the high school version of Hachikuji, which will no doubt be exciting.

On a lighter note, this episode was freaking hilarious. Araragi and Shinobu’s facial expressions were classic (pedo Araragi with his bloody tears, and pedo Shinobu going all nuts for baby Araragi). They really do make a good team. >__>

Oh, and don’t forget about Shinobu’s Hanekawa cosplay…

A really interesting arc so far with a lot of potential. Good job Nisio Isin!


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