Monogatari Series: Second Season – 07 [Mayoi Arc START]


Araragi has a conversation with Oshino Ougi on the spiral staircase of their school. They discuss traffic signals and the irony of red and green lights. On his way home, he has another run in, this time with Ononoki Yotsugi who discusses the different ways that people can be brought back to life after death.

At home, Araragi meets Shinobu who reminds him that he hasn’t finished his summer homework yet. With only a few hours of summer break left, Araragi realizes that he’s doomed and jokingly requests for Shinobu to time travel to the past. Surprisingly, Shinobu says that she’s capable of doing something like that, and so they head to the Kitashirahebi Shrine to take advantage of its latent spiritual energy.

Shinobu performs a short incantation, and a black gate opens up between the arch of the shrine entrance. Araragi is hesitant, but after some coercion by an excited Shinobu, jumps through the gate into the past.

Araragi is awoken by Shinobu and finds himself to be on the stairs leading up to the shrine. It’s now midday, and Shinobu estimates the time to be around noon. As they walk into town, they come across a group of school girls and ask for the date. Araragi is shocked to find out that they have traveled eleven years into the past.


Sorry, Monogatari came a little late this week due to a busy weekend on my end.

Welp, we are FINALLY starting up a new arc. I was pretty pissed last week after getting juked by a recap episode of Hanekawa’s arc. I mean, how much times does SHAFT have to bash Nekomonogatari into our brains? We got the OVA, Nekomono BLACK movie, and Tsubasa Tiger all in a freaking row. We seriously did NOT need another Hanekawa refresher. /endrant

The first episode of the Mayoi arc was filled with an immense amount of foreshadowing. If you haven’t already deduced the main driving point of the arc, let me ask you some questions:

  • How/when did Mayoi die?
  • How do Araragi’s conversations with Oshino and Ononoki relate to Mayoi?
  • How far back into the past did Araragi/Shinobu travel?

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Who knows what kind of time paradoxes/Butterfly Effect phenomena will result from this, but judging from the short preview at the beginning of the episode, shit is going to get real ugly.

To me, time travel stuff is always interesting if done right (Steins Gate), and I am somewhat confident that Nisio Isin nailed it. Thus, I’m very excited to see how this arc plays out, but probably more excited for middle school Shinobu.


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