Monogatari Series: Second Season – 05 [Tsubasa Arc END]


White Hanekawa leaves a long letter to Black Hanekawa explaining that the appearance of the tiger apparition (Kako) stemmed from her feelings of envy. W. Hanekawa expresses that she doesn’t want to disconnect herself from her emotions any longer, and pleads for B. Hanekawa to retrieve their lost sister (Kako) so that they can once again be a family.

B. Hanekawa is touched by the sincerity of the letter and springs into action without a moment of hesitation. She confronts Kako outside of the Senjougahara residence, and beckons from him to come back. However, Kako refuses which forces B. Hanekawa to take the offensive. She finds an opening and grabs hold of the tiger’s underbelly, activating her energy drain ability. In response, the tiger immediately surrounds himself with fire. B. Hanekawa struggles to hold on to the burning tiger and is eventually sent flying into a pillar. Broken, bruised, and burnt, B. Hanekawa kneels in defeat as the tiger inches forward for the finishing blow. But suddenly, a sword appears from the sky and pierces through the neck of Kako, incapacitating him.

The bearer of the Kokoro Watari turns out to be Araragi, who found W. Hanekawa’s note and rushed over after piecing everything together. He reassures Hanekawa that no matter who she becomes after she absorbs the apparitions, he will be there to support her. From this, Hanekawa sums up the courage to clearly confess her love to him. But as to be expected, Araragi rejects her because of his relationship with Senjougahara.

Hanekawa proceeds to absorb the tiger, and regains her lost emotions causing her to burst into tears. With the tiger absorbed, she regains her original appearance with one exception: her hair is now part white (B. Hanekawa), and part black (W. Hanekawa, in a tiger striped pattern (Kako).


An AMAZING ending to an otherwise sub par arc. Personally, I found much of the episodes to be extremely dialogue heavy, overly complex, and just plain uninteresting. However, the final episode tied everything together beautifully.

But the million dollar question is: “Was all that build up to the final confrontation with Kako worth it”?

The answer for me is a definite yes.

Learning the intimate ins and outs of Hanekawa’s personality made the dramatic reunion with Araragi/her lost emotions all the more powerful. I especially enjoyed the amazing expression of happiness Hanekawa wore on her face when Araragi petted her head. Such a simple action had so much meaning for Hanekawa, a girl who had never before experienced true affection.

It was probably the happiest moment of her entire life.

Even after being rejected, Hanekawa seems to have taken her experiences to heart, and looks more lively than ever before.

Next week is the start of Mayoi’s arc, and as a huge fan of Shinobu, I can’t freaking wait. You may be saying to yourself, “But wait, it’s Mayoi’s arc right? Why are you talking about Shinobu?” Don’t worry about it, you shall see soon enough, and it will be AMAZING.



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4 Responses to Monogatari Series: Second Season – 05 [Tsubasa Arc END]

  1. tulio says:

    tanks, now i want the next episode so freaking bad

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  2. Sergio says:

    Now the question is… will we ever see black hanekawa again? :c

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    • exo says:

      Realistically, I doubt it as B. Hanekawa was re-absorbed by W.Hanekawa. However, the Hanekawa of present can be looked at as an amalgam of the three entities; so in reality B.Hanekawa never really dissappears per se.

      Regardless, I remain hopeful that B.Hanekawa reemerges at some point in time. Hanekawa with long, un-braided hair and nekomimi is amazing.

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