Monogatari Series: Second Season – 04


As Hanekawa leaves the house, she is stopped by Araragi’s mother who lectures her on her family troubles. She tells Hanekawa that averting one’s eyes from a problem is not running away and as long as she thinks that there is nothing wrong with a situation, no one can help her.

On her way to school, Hanekawa has an encounter with Episode. An acquaintance from a previous spring break who almost killed her. She learns that he was called in for a job by Gaen, a senpai of Oshino. As if on cue, Gaen casually appears after being mentioned, and informs Hanekawa of her extreme ignorance. Before her departure, Gaen gives Hanekawa a small hint to help with her tiger problem.

After meeting Gaen, Hanekawa calls Senjougahara to discuss the information that she obtained. She is surprised to learn that Gaen is most likely a close relative of Kanbaru. Senjougahara points out that the places that burned down all have one thing in common: they are all places that Hanekawa has slept at.

Hanekawa heads back to the Araragi residence and is immediately pulled into a game of cards by an enthusiastic Karen. Hanekawa asks the Fire Sisters what they think of when they hear the word “fire”. They come to an agreement that fire is most closely related with passionate feelings. From the conversation, Hanekawa deduces that the tiger apparition stems from her jealousy, and decides to write a letter to Black Hanekawa in an attempt to confront her problems.


Whew… another dialogue heavy episode. But such is the nature of Nisio Isin’s works. Funny enough, I find his style to be very complementary to the cerebral and over-thinking nature of Hanekawa, and while many may think that the copious amounts of inner monologue are overly dry and rarely important, I feel they are necessary to properly characterize Hanekawa’s inner psyche. Let me tell you, this amount is nothing compared to the light novels, and SHAFT did a really good job of cutting the story down to the bare essentials.

With the introduction of a few new and (technically) old characters, Hanekawa is slowly being guided closer and closer to uncovering the truth behind the origins of the tiger apparition. After this episode, the most obvious conclusion that we would all come to is that Hanekawa’s jealousy relates to love. This assumption is correct, but probably not in the way that most would think. It’s not Araragi’s love for Senjougahara that she envies, but rather, the love of a family.

This episode was pretty awesome in that we were introduced to three whole new characters. Araragi’s mother was especially entertaining, and I enjoyed the fact that they are very similar to one another (hair antenna/tilted head poses). Gaen was also pretty cool and I like how her, “I know everything” statement contrasts with Hanekawa’s, “I only know what I know”.

Next week is the finale, and boy is it gonna be good.


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    The head tilt was strong in this one.

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