Monogatari Series: Second Season – 09-10 [Mayoi Arc END]


Araragi and Shinobu arrive in the past to find that the world has been destroyed. They travel throughout town in an attempt to piece together what happened, as well as find any survivors. At the end of their search, the only information they find is the date at which the world-ending event occurred.

After some heavy thinking, Shinobu realizes the significance of the date and explains to Araragi that that was the day she ran away. She goes on to say that she decided to destroy the world if she wasn’t found by the end of the day. And so, the two come to the conclusion that the Araragi of this world did not find Shinobu as he was killed by Black Hanekawa leading to the end of the world.

Araragi decides to gather up some fireworks to shoot off in the park, partly to locate any survivors, but mostly to cheer the dejected Shinobu up. However, their pyromaniac antics only serve to attract hordes of vampire-zombies. Just when it seems as if the two won’t be able to get away without a fight, a shower of rice fills the sky and the zombies are warded away.

It turns out that it was an adult Hachikuji that saved them and delivers a letter from Oshino who predicted that Araragi and Shinobu would appear. In the letter it is revealed that the Shinobu of this world failed to commit suicide and Oshino makes a personal request for the two of them to take on the fallen vampire. Araragi obliges, not for Oshino, but for Hachikuji’s happiness.

The two encounter the crazed Kiss-Shot at the shrine where everything began. However, Kiss-Shot resigns herself to the two of them after a brief conversation and offers her energy to Shinobu so that they are able to return to their own world. The only thing that Kiss-Shot asks for in return is for Araragi to pat her on the head. :(

After absorbing Kiss-Shot’s power, they successfully make it back to their own timeline. Shinobu departs back to the shadows and Araragi reunites with Hachikuji.


CALLED IT. Dat sweet, sweet adult Hachikuji.

It’s too bad that she was resigned to the role of a lowly messenger, seeing as this is her arc. But admittedly, any further interaction with Araragi would have only served to create more distortion in the flow of time. In the end, Shinobu was the true star of this arc, and it was refreshing to see a lot of new sides to her previously one-dimensional character.

The most recent episode had me filled with nothing but sympathy for the Shinobu of the alternate world. She lost her loved one (Araragi), a feeling which she likened to ripping out one of her wings, foolishly destroyed the world out of jealousy, and even failed to kill herself. I can’t even imagine the feelings that must have been going through her when she saw Araragi and Shinobu together, the physical manifestation of all her shattered hopes and dreams of the past. Ugh… so much feels.

Surprisingly, or rather, unsurprisingly (once you consider Shinobu’s personality) she was able to come to terms with having drawn the short stick and offer up a logical solution to both the plight of the world as well as Araragi/Shinobu’s own energy problem. In the end, a simple pat on the head and the knowledge that her dream of a happy life with Araragi could, and did in fact happen was all that she needed to give her closure.

An effing good arc overall, but it doesn’t seem as if we are done yet. If you can recall Araragi’s battered appearance from the end of Hanekawa’s arc, there is still more that must be done before this story concludes. Perhaps, an angry Senjougahara has something to do with it?


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