Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 03


Maou and Yuusha head to the Lake Country to seek the aid of the Covenant. There, Maou encounters an old friend from his demon hunting days, Onna Kishi (female knight). After Maou explains her desire to “see over the hill”, by creating a world free from war and starvation, Kishi agrees to help her, and offers to personally take residence on behalf of the Covenant at their village.

Later, Maou catches Yuusha trying to sneak out of the manor, and expresses her frustration over the lack of progress in their relationship. However, Yuusha is worried about his mage friend, who traveled to the demon world to search for him and pays little attention to her. He quickly teleports away to the demon world leaving Maou alone, and fails to respond to Maou’s promise.


Whelp, I learned a lot about potatoes today.

Anywayyyy, it sucks that Maou and Yuusha’s relationship took such a hard hit from her two month seclusion. But, it really goes to show how much she is willing to sacrifice to achieve her dream of peace and prosperity. Unluckily for her, the arrival of Onna Kishi, complicates her relationship even further and ends up with Yuusha essentially ditching her to save another girl. But alas, such is the life of an anime harem girl.

On another note, that demon armor was freaking bad ass, and it seems as though some action will be heading our way soon. Finally, we’ll be able to see Yuusha’s true fighting ability. But then again, that will probably mean less Maou… :(

P.S. – I really hate how all the characters don’t have real names. But whatevs, its a good show so I’ll let it slide.



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