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Published on September 13th, 2013 | by clazy


Love Lab – 11

More cram school shenanigans! Maki and Yan’s continuous misunderstandings are amazingly hilarious. I can’t wait until next episode when it looks like Maki actually starts going to the cram school regularly and has more interactions with male students; I lol’d hard when her sister found her Love Lab notebook was baffled at her ridiculous delusions. But at least she understands her appeal: her long, flowing, silky hair… that’s being blown around in a typhoon. LAWL, what. I also loved how Enomoto got all pissed off at Maki when Riko came back with her “research” on what hairstyle guys liked. Fuck Mugi, Enomoto Yuiko is by far the best eyebrows-girl.

So… only 2 more episodes of this amazing show (at least that’s what it looks like). So sad… this comedy has really been my “pick-me-up” during the week. I actually looked forward to Thursdays for the last month or so… -_- damn. I’m really going to miss that hawt Maki x Dakki action.


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