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Published on December 14th, 2011 | by clazy


Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – 11


Wow, this show just gets better and better. Fuck yeah Masazumi trolling the KPA guy. Actually Joji Nakata was pretty hilarious this episode. I only know him as Mr. Type-Moon, but he sure can pull the silly “old guy” voice out really well. There were a bunch of badass weapons, as well as conceptual weapons, this episode. Let’s start from the top:

Neito’s chains+gundam lances. When she took out that entire lake of soldiers, I was like “DAMN, they DEAD!” Neito’s fancy armor is fancy though.

Innocentius’ absolute territory defense. Breaks down all weapons within a 3km radius? WTF, the true counter to Gate of Babylon. His bro pose beats Gil’s too.

Tori-kun’s aoe buffs: Unlimited Energy Works. So does Tori have any fighting ability at all? He just needs to stay happy and he wins? lol, he better not play fifa online then.

Red frog/Boxer fight was pretty cool. A lot of explaining of what was happening was lol. I would not have understood anything without subs here… there’s absolutely no way.

After all the fighting and new weapons/techniques/rituals, seeing the Futayo/Muneshige fight was pretty plain. Good thing the hilarious conversation leading up to fight made up for it. Lol at comparing battle levels based on % last time they fought. Gin saying she has a harsher complex than Futayo was so random I almost fell out of my chair. Sucks that Futayo lost so easily… the power of Kyon/Ragna the Bloodedge I guess. Fuck yeah Sugita.



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