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Published on December 1st, 2011 | by clazy


Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – 09


Since the debate came to a draw, Kimi elects to fight Honda Futayo in order to settle the tie. Even though Honda Futayo went all out, Kimi was able to make it through with only minor scratches. Kimi flashbacks to when Horizon died and what she did to bring Tori out of his deep depression. She reasons with Futayo and convinces her to join the Academy side. Tori even goes on to convince the King of Musashi to grant the Academy some power in order to save Horizon.


Kimi, wow. Pretty strong for a dancer class fighter, I guess they aren’t useless in anime and only suck in games. She is pretty scary though, grabbing Tori’s uvula in their childhood. Her ability to match the flow with any attack was pretty awesome. And her goddess pet is damn cute… so I guess her crazy balloon tits aren’t her only selling point. Too bad the animators got lazy at one point and only focused on her face while she danced and gave a speech; I think everyone would have wanted to see her cowtits swaying back and forth and back and forth and back… nom nom.

The academy has a nice range of fighters, they got the pervy ninja, boxer, dancer, gundam/engineer, archer, lancer, knight, 2 casters, blob of jelly, succubus, and a good leader in Tori. Dunno how they’ll fare against huge armies and the Muneshige/Gundam tits duo, but they do look well equipped in a Fire Emblem type of sense.

Is it bad that I’m starting to really like the ED song? I mean, the OP is epic since its Minorin but the ED is getting catchy for me.

AND YES on the Kimi lipsticking Futayo scene.



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