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Published on November 16th, 2011 | by clazy


Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – 07 Epic 3v3


In order to determine the government’s next plan of action, the Students of Ariadust Academy must choose to either save Horizon or give her up in order to avoid world war which will ultimately prove to be the end of their international power. Aoi appoints Shirojiro to fight first against the Engineering Club’s Naomasa who uses her gundam to fight. Shirojiro wins by using his fox deity to essentially buy power ups to fight and defeat the gundam. Neito, an upper-class knight fights Suzu. Since Neito cannot bring herself to cause harm to commoners, she almost relinquishes her knighthood; Suzu gives up in order to prevent her loss. The last match up is Masazumi against Aoi in a speech and debate battle; Aoi goes first and immediately concedes.


What is so difficult about drawing boobs? I mean, if the animation studio put maybe a little more effort, it wouldn’t look as bad:

But nope, they decided to go with QUALITY, and it looks terrible; albeit hilarious.

Also, what is the point of gundams anymore? I haven’t seen a giant robot suit win a battle yet. People are just that awesome in the future and infantry armor technology wrecks robots, I guess. The trend of people fighting large adversaries is becoming popular now… Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, God Eater influence maybe? Speaking of which, I really need to go buy my Skyrim right now. Damn it just looks too fun!

Lol at how Aoi totally just juked everyone at the end. I almost thought he would actually pull off some super influential speech at first. Meh, he’ll probably do that next time. It’s all in the reverse psychology tricks. Calling it right now, $100 bucks on Aoi winning. Tesu. Judge.



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