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Published on November 10th, 2011 | by clazy


Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – 06

Short Summary

The students of Ariadust Academy form a plan of action in order to save Horizon who is forced to commit suicide to end the Matsudaira bloodline (or something). However, in doing this, they must go up against the other world powers.


Sensei finally gets some screen time after around 3 episodes without a single frame. About time. Asama’s ADD daydreaming while writing her essay was pretty hilarious. Although I don’t write my thoughts on paper, I find myself thinking about the most random shit during tests/in class essays just like that. The way she got embarrassed at the end when Sensei told her to read it was pretty silly as well. Futayo better pull off some beast attacks with Tonboki later, she got pretty punk’d by Muneshige and his speedy boots. Also, I find it strange that the animators feel it necessary for Masazumi fan service like that random shower scene with zero point or meaning. There’s so many actual girls, and we have to look at the backside of a girl that turned into a half boy. BS. Shit, they could’ve easily showed Horizon’s changing scene and the audience would’ve been much happier.

Best part of the episode was probably the beginning with Gin taking care of Muneshige’s wounds. She can’t take her robot arms off? I mean, they look so bulky and in the way… she should at least have a smaller customized version for indoors. So silly.

Heidi’s “Bigu Bijinesu Chansu” was a close 2nd.



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