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Published on October 18th, 2011 | by clazy


Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 01 My eyes STILL burn


Who knows what the hell is going on. Looks like a future oppressed Japan (again), and kids (if you can call them that) learning how to fight. There is a huge blob thing as well… what the hell is going on besides cute girls, random fighting-game-looking characters, magic, and fat weapons? I don’t know but hell it sure looks good.


Well, my summary really was more of my thoughts than summary so I guess I’ll keep going; WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

But really, randomness aside it looks very pretty. Lots of flashy colors is always appreciated, à la Red Line. I really had no intention of watching this show but after the first episode I’m actually inclined to watch the next episode. I’m not expecting a deep plot or anything like that, but the art looks decent and the girls are cute… except for the abnormally shaped breasts that all the girls are marred with (except sensei). You would think in the future they would have plastic surgery and genetic bio-engineering down if they could give life to a blob of strange red fluid.

Don’t really see why the boob groping scene was censored, I mean, she had clothes on. It must’ve been too erotic since it was student/teacher relations and THAT can’t possibly be promoted in Japan, right? Even though there’s Kodomo no Jikan… ugh.

Anyway, I’ll put this on my weekly list of shows to watch. The cast of characters seem pretty diverse, which will hopefully lead to more interesting shit later on. I laughed pretty hard when the red blob had a super low and serious voice. As for my favorite character in the first episode, it would have to be that one archer girl who did a lv.4 summoned spell or some shit like that and imbued her arrow so it would not miss its target. Although Sensei sure was badass for dodging it by cutting her hair.



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