Kyoukai no Kanata – 05


Mirai decides to join the Literature Club after spotting a gardening encyclopedia on a nearby shelf. After school, the group heads to the Nase House where Mirai encounters Azumi for the first time. She temporarily revokes Mirai’s Spirit Warrior License as punishment for disobeying the warnings regarding the Hollow Shadow.

Left without a source of income, Miyuki steps in and offers to help her search for a job and they end up at the appraisal shop where she agrees to work as a model/assistant shopkeeper.

Later in the night, Miyuki and Mirai are left to close the shop while the Lantern Festival is being held. Miyuki is adamant about not going, but eventually caves in the Mirai. There the two meet up with Akiko and Hiroomi just in time to watch the fireworks.


Hngggggghh… The embarrassed look Miyuki makes when she realizes she slipped out of her usual stoic character is too cute.

Her facade is necessary to maintain the appearance of the Nase Clan, but at heart she’s just a normal girl who longs to spend time with her friends and engage in the normal activities of everyday life.

I personally found it very interesting to watch the progression of Miyuki’s relationship with Mirai as the episode went on: from casual indifference to friends. What spurred this change on was Mirai and her new found perspective on relationships after her ordeal with Akiko. While talking with her, Miyuki slowly starts to understand Mirai’s perspective, but is left conflicted by the words her sister spoke to her when she was a child about being alone.

In the end, a little shove by Mirai is all it took for Miyuki to break out of that paradigm. And Miyuki, for the first time, was able to truly understand the value of friendships, especially in a world where everyone is doomed to be alone.


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