Kyoukai no Kanata – 03


Akihito continues his efforts to get Mirai to join the Literature Club, but they are mostly fruitless. He finally gets a reaction out of her when he pulls out a 10000 Yen bill, which was the reward for the small Youmu that Mitsuki’s pet caught, and gives it to her.

Akihito later finds out through a secret talk with Mitsuki that Mirai is planning to confront the Hollow Shadow to avenge the death of her childhood friend. Intent on talking her out of it, Akihito rushes over to Mirai’s apartment, but she pays him no mind and heads off in the direction of the powerful Youmu.

As Mirai is about to make contact with the Hollow Shadow, she is interrupted by a Spirit Warrior acquaintance named Sakura. They begin to battle and Mirai is on the verge of losing until Akihito comes rushing in to save her life at the last second.


First off, I’m glad to see that they are continuing with the Hiroomi finger warming gag (I literally burst out laughing for a good minute and had to pause the video), and I really enjoyed the argument over megane or sisters being superior. The icing on the cake was when Mitsuki came in with glasses on… That look on Hiroomi’s face was freaking priceless.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to bring attention to something very important. Those shots of Mitsuki with glasses on were probably the first instances of blatant fan service that KyoAni has ever done in recent history (please correct me if I’m wrong). And of course directly after this scene they have a shot of Mitsuki mercilessly biting through a phallic shaped cracker. LOL KyoAni… you funny bro.

Moving on to more serious things… It turns out that my prediction last week was spot on regarding the whole Hollow Shadow possession stuff.

Following the logical progression of this arc and the preview from next episode, it seems as though Mirai and Akihito will face off against the Hollow Shadow. The key to defeating it will most likely lie in Akihito’s immortality. By allowing the Hollow Spirit to possess Akihito, Mirai can safely target the Youmu while it is confined in his body and kill it without permanently harming anyone else.

Well, that’s my theory anyway.


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