Kyoukai no Kanata – 02


Akihito experiences a vision where he is standing in front of a corpse in the middle of a giant field, hands covered in blood. He snaps back into reality, just in time to avoid an attack from the Youmu they are currently fighting. Mirai chases the mummy creature outside and after a great deal of struggling, manages to defeat it.

The next day, Akihito takes Mirai to get her Youmu stone appraised by Ayaka, but when they reach her store they learn from Kanbara that she is still sleeping. Mitsuki joins up with them and they head off to school.

During school, Akihito talks to Hiroomi Nase asking about the unusually violent behavior that the Youmu have been exhibiting lately. However, Hiroomi refuses to directly answer the question, leaving Akihito in the dark. After school, he heads to Ayaka’s shop to have her read the card his mother sent him. It turns out that Akihito’s mother is a Spirit Warrior herself, and an eccentric one at that. The rest of the group arrives, and they all gather around to watch Akihito’s mother’s message. She warns that a powerful Youmu called the Hollow Shadow is headed towards him, and she suggests that he stay away from it at all costs.

After the message ends, Ayaka gets on with the main business of their visit, and takes a look at the Youmu that Mirai caught. Sadly, her catch was only worth 1000 yen and so she decides to use it to buy dinner for herself and Akihito at a nearby Gyu-don shop. There, she requests that Akihito refrain from involving himself anymore with her, and confesses that she once killed a person.


So now we know why Mirai has such a hard time killing Youmu. I guess the guilt of her past always bubbled up during the previous times she hunted, and if not for Akihito’s encouragement would have let another Youmu escape. At this point, it’s probably pretty likely that her killing of another person wasn’t her fault. From Mirai’s flashbacks of an unknown girl, it seems as though she became possessed or something which forced Mirai into a life or death situation, leaving her no choice but to kill her friend. Mirai’s reaction after hearing the name “Hollow Shadow” leads me to believe that perhaps that powerful Youmu has something to do with it as it does have no physical body, making it the perfect candidate for a creature with an affinity for possession.

While Ep. 2 did have a serious side, for the most part it was a light-hearted and extremely entertaining episode. Mitsuki’s comment about Akihito huffing the scent of girl’s glasses was classic, and the onigiri/udon exchange was ちょう かわいい! Oh yeah, and don’t forget about Hiroomi’s affectionate nickname for Akihito: Akkey, or his fondness for warm male chests…


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