Kyoukai no Kanata – 01


Akihito Kanbara is walking home from school when he spots a girl standing on the edge of a nearby building’s rooftop. Thinking that she is about to commit suicide he runs up to convince her to change her mind. The girl steps away from the ledge and appears before Akihito, stabbing him in the heart with a sword made of blood. It turns out that the girl, who goes by the name of Mirai Kuriyama, is a Spirit Warrior (human with special powers, whose duty is to hunt youmu) of a cursed clan who’s ability was the manipulation of blood.

Mirai continues her attempts to kill Akihito on a daily basis, but fails each time. Akihito attributes this to his being a half-youmu which grants him the ability of immortality. After talking with her more, it is revealed to Akihito that Mirai is an inexperienced Spirit Warrior with an intense fear of youmu.

Mitsuki Nase, Akihito’s childhood friend and daughter of the head of the Spirit Warrior Clan in control of the area, warns him not to get involved with her any longer. But they both know that’s just not possible. And of course, right after school Akihito once again meets up with Mirai. After finding out that Mirai doesn’t live in her apartment because of a youmu he agrees to help her and the two head off to Mirai’s place.



Is this real life? Cause I think I’m in anime paradise.

But really, was that a good first episode or what? Interesting characters, awesome OP/ED music, beautiful scenery, compelling storyline, and brilliantly animated fight scenes. WHAT MORE COULD ONE ASK FOR?

I really, really like all of the characters thus far. The megane loving Akihito is a really chill guy, and I respect the amount of patience that he has with Mirai. I almost feel bad for him. Because of his personality, he ends up as the proverbial punching bag in both of his relationships with females: mentally, in the case of Mitsuki’s verbal lashings, and physically, through Mirai’s constant abuse. But such is the life of an immortal I suppose.

In Mitsuki and Mirai’s case, I find the juxtapositions between their character types and personality traits to be quite interesting. Mitsuki has the outward appearance and background of a cold-princess character type. But, from her interaction with Akihito its easy to see that under her sharp-witted and calculating exterior she is actually a kind person, that cares greatly for her childhood friend. Mirai on the other hand, seems like a quiet, bookish character, but that illusion is quickly shattered when she reveals her impulsive, and violent nature. Throw some clumsiness into the mix and the result is almost comical. My heart almost melted from an overload of cuteness after she tripped over a stand and exclaimed, “もう!” in frustration.

We shall see next week what the repercussions of Akihito’s involvement with Mirai will turn out to be. But if Mitsuki’s worried appearance is any indication, it probably won’t be good.

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