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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by clazy


Kill la Kill – 04


The over-the-top zaniness was in full throttle this week as Ryuuko and Mako endure “NO CHIKOKU” day. Rather than getting a full-on, high-octane fighting scene like in each of the previous episodes, we got to see a ridiculous obstacle course that involves everyone in town trying to prevent the Zero-Star students from making it to class on time. It felt much more like a Panty and Stocking episode than anything else, with a lot of deformed character designs (more than usual) and a lot of Mako screen time. So yeah, I guess it was filler… it was an alright episode in general, but definitely the weakest one so far.

I especially enjoyed Inoue Marina’s voice acting role as the villain, Oogure Maiko. She even got to transform using Ryuuko’s uniform and yell out the trademark “KAMUI SENKETSU” just to let audiences hear what it would be like if, by chance, she had voiced the Matoi Ryuuko. Still though, I feel like animation companies really like to bring back voice actors they like in a multitude of shows. KyoAni was famous for it back in the day with Hirano Aya and Tomokazu Sugita but have since then started spreading the love. But when you think about it, why not; I’d throw buddies of mine on a huge payroll if I could help it.


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