Kill la Kill – 03


I want the OST to this show so bad. The intense cello bgm that hypes up battle scenes is so great, not to mention the OP and ED really grew on me. Even the insert song that played during the Ryuuko/Satsuki fight sounded pretty nice, reminding me a great deal of GL’s “Sora Iro Days” and “Happily Ever After.” Anyway, the animation continues to look astounding this week, especially with the face off between the Junketsu and Senketsu kamui uniforms. Although I like Satsuki-sama’s white kamui design a little better, Ryuuko’s is still more flashy and shows more skin, lol; and that means more battle power, if MMORPGs taught me anything.

But after seeing this crazy display of power, I feel like everyone else in the school literally has zero chance against Ryuuko. Everyone, at most, has only 30% of that life-thread shit while she and Satsuki are the only ones that have 100%. It’s gonna be an all out slaughter. Or maybe Mako will get kidnapped and held hostage again? Who knows… Mako wins for funniest character by far though: the way she just jumped into the middle of the fight and started making hilarious gestures and impressions had me rolling. She’s perfect slapstick for the comedic relief factor.

I knew I’d love this show a lot, but holy crap, I didn’t think it’d be this much.


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