Kill la Kill – 02


Well the story isn’t the most amazing and compelling, but goddamn this show fucking entertaining. It’s a little cliche how Ryuuko has a allotted time limit to her “awakened” Senketsu form, but at least gave a medically plausible explanation grounded in reality: she is constantly supplying the uniform with her blood and will eventually get anemic if she fights for too long. In this episode, she uses her new-found power to fight the tennis club captain who was tasked with the mission of taking over the last high school in Hokkaido not under Kiryuuin Satsuki’s rule. It just so happens that Mako is in the tennis club and is getting punished in the most hilarious and brutal way possible in a tennis club for missing practice.

The visuals continue to stand out in this show. Particularly, the mass amounts of tennis ball attacks were really nicely animated; I’m loving every second of it. It’s pretty ecchi though, way more so than in GL, where Yoko’s boobs just kinda hung out there and the audience kinda forgot about it and got used to them ALWAYS being out like that. In both episodes now, we got huge underboob from Mako and Ryuuko, respectively… and this episode took it up another notch with the ridiculous パンチラ. Plus in the 2 scenes where Ryuuko got unconscious, she was more or less figuratively raped. Her homeroom teacher is fucking great though… I couldn’t stop laughing at the random stripping.

All in all, this is shaping up to be a great show and so far, has been living up to my high expectations.

Also, lol I just noticed the voice casting. Nia is Mako’s mom and Viral is Sanageyama.


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