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Kill la Kill – 01


And as expected, this show seems like it’s going to be a nice mix of full throttle action and wacky comedy, very reminiscent of the earlier and more zany episodes of Gurren Lagann. The setting of the story is pretty cool: a slum town with a “prestigious” academy at the top, that metaphorically seems to rule over everything in the vicinity. And standing at the top of the academy is the student council president, Kiryuuin Satsuki… a “last boss” looking character who rules with the help of her other stuco members and their minions, powered up with “Goku-Seifuku.” Challenging this system is Matoi Ryuuko, who just wants to learn about her father’s murderer. Although we don’t know much about Matoi, from this first episode we can already tell that she’s very brutish and crude heroine. She does seem to have a feminine-side, however, as she was all kinds of flustered when everyone was ogling her in her new and very revealing uniform. Furthermore, it seems that Matoi’s black, talking seifuku eats the fabric of the goku-seifuku to get stronger.

Kill la Kill is 24 episodes!! Everyone rejoice!! I’m assuming the first half will be about Ryuuko taking down Kiryuuin Satsuki and her hitler-like tyranny over the school with the second half introducing the actual last boss and subsequent take down. I only say this because of how similar the so-called bad guys were introduced in this first episode. The ranking system and generals were introduced in a visually similar fashion to TTGL, and the unreasonably overwhelming oppression of regular students is eerily similar to the beastmen vs humans in TTGL as well. Maybe I’m just looking too deep into it, but shit it sure seems like it. And with the resounding success of Gurren Lagann, I can’t really blame Studio Trigger for keeping a similar formula.

Anyway, to talk a little more about this first episode, I really liked Mako. She’s definitely a comedic relief character and to top it all off she has tig bits to shake around – like seriously, did she HAVE to be held upside down where everyone can see the glorious underboob? I dunno. But this show did seem to have a lot of nakedness in it, and Ryuuko’s battle outfit is super showy. Like, there was a lot of screen time of straight sideboob. Trigger loves their fanservice I guess. I loved how the boxer guy was shocked by her revealing outfit and was like, “oh I better take off my clothes to match.” I know it’s the first episode, but Ryuuko’s power up from her uniform was too much; she broke the 2-star boxer’s iron glove with just her defense alone – doesn’t that mean she’s already on the same level as the 3-star guys, at the very least? Plus I’m sure that she hasn’t even realized all of her uniform’s abilities just yet. She hasn’t even made a signature finishing move yet but I’m pretty sure it will be GIGA SCISSOR BREAKER oops, copyright infringement… GOKU SEIFUKU BREAKER.

I’m just flat out happy that this show is finally out. Can’t wait for more.

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