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Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by clazy


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi – 09


What in the hell just happened here. I get that Scar-san was confused about her existence as a gravekeeper clashing with her motherly instincts kicking in with bebe Celica now in their traveling party… but that made her run away back to her birthplace to reaffirm her identity? And how the hell did she get all the way to the birthplace of gravekeepers so quickly? It took Yuri’s bus like 2 days at least to get there… lol. Also, why did D just run off like that – what the hell happened to last episode’s “our meeting was fate/destiny” and all that jazz? Alis sure has some ‘xplainin to do.

Anyway, this one episode arc was pretty lame. Although we got to see how gravekeepers are born, which was super weird btw, overall it was kind of boring and seemed almost filler-ish, with Alis’ birthday party and what not.

Also the opening scene this episode was pretty ominous; Ai is trusting Alis’ hypothesis of destroying the world to save it… I dunno about that one. With her character, I thought for sure she would try for a “magical girl” type of ending where she’d somehow (through willpower or something) rewrite the framework/formula of the world to give everyone a peaceful ending… but then again I guess it’s not that type of show (lol).

I do like their more family-like traveling party though with Yuri/Scar parental figures, Alis the troubled teenager, Ai the naive daughter always getting into trouble, and baby Celica… wait, what is this? A sitcom?


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