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Published on July 21st, 2013 | by clazy


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi – 03


And just like that the immortal monster, Humpnie Humbart, achieves death.

This was a weird episode. Here’s why:
– It introduced a group of shisha who followed Humpnie (whose real name is Kizuna Astin) around in order to capture him and figure out how to become immortal themselves… and they weren’t even named!

– Yuri, who tried so hard to kill him last episode (and for a while before that even), carries around a picture of Kizuna and his wife! At least it allowed Ai to figure out that Kizuna actually is her dad (somehow).

– After finding a brief reprieve of happiness, the immortal man actually dies! What… Why… What changed? He just realizes that he has a daughter and finds out his lover, Hana, was dead. Ai only knew her mother as Gravekeeper Alfa, which brings me to ask why the name change?

So I guess with Ai discovering her father’s true identity and subsequent death, Ai’s only driving force is to help those who need her gravekeeper powers. I’m sure she gained some huge worldly perspective after meeting her Immortal father and his desperation to die after living a fulfilled life, but she’s still only 12 years old. I can’t imagine her traveling alone, so maybe she’ll wander around with Scar? Maybe Yuri will stick around too in order to keep an eye on his best friend’s child. Nonetheless, I feel kind of lost at this point in the plot, as there’s seemingly no end in sight. Plus, I kind of liked Humpnie/Kizuna’s swagoo as a nonchalant immortal bro that goes around putting people to death, and he will be sorely missed. Without his swag I guess I can’t petition to rename the show to Sundays Without A God, in order to use the acronym SWAG.

This show loves to put shadows over half of people’s faces. My goodness, every other scene happens at dusk or dawn. Even during the indoor fight scene!


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