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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by clazy


Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi – 07


Suddenly, Ai goes to school at the very last middle school in the entire world? Furthermore… she got kidnapped? And Scar-san slept through the whole thing? What is this MADNESS. But amazingly, Ai’s naivete surpasses her common sense and reasoning abilities so she just thinks she’s at a regular school… until her “classmates” fill her in.

Well this Golan Academy for Gifted Children certainly seems like a sketchy ass place. Megane-ko thinks it’s because the government pays Golan a lot of money per student (like child welfare I suppose), which is why they are trying to accumulate more students to keep there… however, there must be a darker reason behind the school – like why does each child have a special power? I highly doubt money is what the teachers are after…
… So much mystery, so little bath scene fan service, haha.

Also, Alis’ character is a huge mystery as well. He was the guy in the lion mask in the previous Ortus Arc, and he has a fucking ghost/witch/demi-god named (the) D possessing him. She might turn out to be a good guy eventually, but she seems pretty goddamn untrustworthy at the moment. But at least Kitamura Eri finally gets some speaking lines!! HOLY SHIT… I was waiting for her character to debut since episode 1, seeing as how she sings the goddamn opening song. Well, I guess shit is about to go down though; Witch girl (D/Dee/Di – I haven’t decided how to spell her name yet) goes so far as to say their meeting was decided by fate, and at the end of episode 6, Alis says that he and Ai both have the same dream of saving the world.

Of course, Ai is still oblivious to all this, so hopefully Yuri can somehow save her. Actually, idk, Yuri’s been pretty useless in the story for a while now…



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