Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi – 05


I’m loving this death-less world scenario that this show is fleshing out. The shisha who have been persecuted just for being dead all around the world created Ortus, the city of the dead. Not only is it flourishing and allowing them to live happy and fulfilled lives, but it also has its own laws and systems of trade. However, as a sharp reminder of their years of being persecuted, the shisha forbid the living to taste their undead capital (except for trading). And now 105 wandering living want to join the city, prompting them to relinquish their lives.

Plus it seems the holy power held by the gravekeepers isn’t the only source of magic in the world. It turns out Kiriko was born from a witch’s magic and he is the “son” of five souls who wished for a child in this deathless and birthless era. I really hope that witch comes back into the story… she’s hawt. And that also sort of explains how Pox/Rex/etc got to be that way (kinda).

And Ulla is alive? Why is the princess of a country of dead people alive? I guess she has some sort of power that kills people in the most painless way possible or something, which explains why she’s at the ceremony of death (and why she’s all bandaged up all the time). I’m just liking this show more and more, and that’s surprising since I thought it would go way downhill after Humpnie died.


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