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Published on July 28th, 2013 | by clazy


Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi – 04


I was a little skeptical about what direction this show would turn after Ai met and lost her father in such dramatic fashion last week, but fortunately shit is about to go DOWN! I’m pretty excited to see how Ai, Yuri, and Scar unravel the mysteries of Ortus, the city of the dead, with over 1 million shisha living freely within its walls. There are several new plot points that were revealed this episode: Scar seems to be sick with an unidentifiable illness and senses someone desperately calling out to her, the princess of the dead is locked up and bound within the massive castle, and who the hell is Kiriko’s real identity and why does he seem so important to the city’s religion. Plus there were countless grave keepers outside the city gate who were killed by the overwhelming number of shisha, Scar and Ai better keep their identities secret; although Kiriko already knows who they are… do I sense imminent betrayal?

Still though, over one million shisha? For a second I thought Scar was going to go HAM on everyone once they got inside, since she prides herself on efficiency, lmao. Ortus certainly seems like an interesting area though, and I can definitely see how Ai’s infatuation with the bustling of a huge city will get her into trouble in the near future; Yuri’s gonna have a lot of work to do to pull her out of trouble!

Maybe Ai’s loli moe power will save everyone in the the end?

…AND OMFG WTF WAS THAT POX/REX BAKEMONO?!! What does their crotch… look like? きになる!!


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