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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by clazy


Inuhasa – 11


Well, shit. I’m really just watching this show as an obligation to finish it now. It’s not all that enjoyable anymore and lost a lot of its initial luster; for example, the amazingly crazy OP, Natsuno bestiality jokes, everyone’s ridiculous weapons like Maguro Eater… It’s all gotten pretty dull except for the silly randomness, which is still a pretty big hit-or-miss with me.

The rainbow/frog curry was a hit though. You’d need a lot of food coloring to make something like that.

Really though, I’ve never wanted a 1-cour show to end so badly in all my life. Does he turn back into a human or doesn’t he? I just want to see it to the end. My guess is no, he doesn’t. Also I wonder if he now has a dog’s lifespan and mentally ages 7 times faster as a person too. As much as I want that question answered, I doubt it will ever come up in this “comedy.” Also surprised that there aren’t more skirts in this show to be seen from the dog’s POV, lol.


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