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Published on August 20th, 2013 | by clazy


Inuhasa – 08


I hate to say it, especially because I was initially pretty excited about Gonzo doing another full-blown comedy anime, but this show has really gotten shitty over the past few weeks. I’m not all that sold on the hilarity of the MC being a dog and the fact that Kirihime is so enraptured by his character/identity that she doesn’t care about the species barrier isn’t all that funny anymore. This episode had some nice, touching moments with Kirihime’s reminiscing of the past and taking a picture together… but overall it was pretty much utter shit. I feel like the bath scene fanservice was supposed to distract us from the overall pointlessness of the so-called plot this week (which was just “omg shadow man in a coat” is targeting Natsuno), but they did an awful job of doing it. I would reccommend looking here for examples of other shows doing it right.

Anyway, I had to struggle to force myself through these past two episodes. I’m pretty disappointed that Maxi-sama is basically only used for that one increasingly cringy and unfunny SHINING gag, and not an actual featured character. So much potential just thrown down the drain. Also, the terrible, terrible plot device of sharpening scissors to increase Kirihime’s battle power… ugh. AND Maguro Eater returns? /facepalm

I’ve never sighed so much (reflecting on wasted time) after watching an episode of anime until now… which is pretty incredible since I watched, week-by-week, every episode of Robotics;Notes lmao.


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