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Published on July 19th, 2013 | by clazy


Inuhasa – 03


HMMM… could Imouto actually be the slasher? I mean, she could be mad at Akiyama Shinobu in the thinking that the author was the one who (somehow) led to her brother’s death. But at the very least I suppose she can hear his voice too? Maybe she’s can hear his pleas for help every time his master uses her massive scissors and wants to rescue him, or something. LOL at her book editor though. A perverted masochist character as the editor of a SCISSOR WOMAN? Amazing set up right there. Plus they take their conversations so seriously while Dog-bro just tsukkomis the hell out of them.

SHINING girl stole the show, though. Like, I don’t know why, but her “SHINING” catch phase is just bloody brilliant. Her back story is ridiculous, however… an idol-author? Sounds silly, but I guess if the idol I was following wrote a book, I’d read it too. She reminds me a lot of Edomae Luna in Seto no Hanayome or Ren/Run in To-Love-Ru since they’re both spoiled idols that seem to have too much power and money for their own good. So far though, SHINING FINGER idol-author is just silly, and I’m loving her ever increasing screentime. I had to look up SHINGING GIRL Maxi’s seiyuu, Serizawa Yuu, Oh my god she’s only 19 and just SHINING’d all over my ears at least 3 times this episode. She’s a good singer though so she has a promising career ahead of her, especially in singing anisongs.

Overall though, I’m really liking this show and how it doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Sometimes DOG-bro is drawn so cutely and other times he has heart-shaped “rat bites” down his back. I can’t wait until Imouto gets thrown into the mix for added hilarity.


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