Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 04


Wait, so Imouto CAN’T understand him? I am so confused how she knew he turned into a dog… pure coincidence from using the Akiyama Shinobu book trap? Lmao, that’s a huge, ridiculous coincidence. There’s definitely a higher power at work here and that “God” somewhat brought justice to his unfair death with another chance at life (although as a dog) and brought his existence back to his sister. This show is getting too srs bsns for my liking… I just want to see more Kirihime sadism! Poor Imouto went crazy after being unable to come to terms with Kazuhito’s death. I don’t think she’s behind all these slasher incidents though; while Kirihime was chasing the (possible) culprit, Imouto was trapping Kazuhito in her makeshift trap. Also, she seems to be one of the main female heroines of the show so she can’t get in on these doggy antics if she’s in prison.

So far, though, this show’s been pretty entertaining. Marina Inoue’s sadistic voice works so damn well with Kirihime’s character and it’s pretty funny when her dere side accidentally surfaces. She must have gotten in a lot of practice playing Yozora in Haganai, because it’s noticeably godlike in this show. Next week will hopefully wrap up this Imouto arc, and we can get back to some hilariousness with moar **shining** idol girl.


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