Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 02


Well that was certainly a touching episode. Not only did the unlikely duo catch the crazy mofo with Kiritsugu’s voice, but Kirihime also confessed to her deep regret that it was her fault that Kazuhito (yeah I had to look this guy’s name up) was killed that fateful day. It shows that she does have a sense of morality after all and doesn’t go around waving scissors at random dogs, it was just her way of atonement. We also got to see Kirihime’s sort of dere side, although I’m not sure if it was just her author imagination running wild. Lol @ 貧乳 (hinnyuu) though. Mari-chan also gave out the worst sounding “burst out into crying” noise I’ve ever heard.

The animation quality suffered a bit from the first episode to this one, but it wasn’t unbelievably terrible. It was just really noticeable during that super weird fight scene, especially when the focus was on a different object other than Kirihime/dog. And who the fuck claps and dances during a fight? Maybe Anderson Silva shoulda done that instead of taunting. I am so sorry to people who bet on him in Vegas, lol. This show is so silly… Oh and it looks like Imouto gets to debut next episode! I wonder how she and Kirihime will mix.


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