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Published on May 3rd, 2013 | by clazy


Ho Brah, My Keiki Romantic Comedy is All Da’kine Messed La’dat – 05


Oh I thought for sure that silver haired bartender was going to be the owner of the dog Hachiman saved. Oh well, I guess the Yui route was kind of weird altogether seeing her strange attraction/fondness for Hachiman in episodes 2-4, and that kind of explains her intentions; although Hacchi really put a damper on that. Poor Yui. I can’t deny Hachiman’s way of thinking though; FUCK nice girls who are genuinely nice to everyone and very misleading, lol just kidding (not). Other than that revelation, the rest of the episode was pretty meh. How do Japanese kids not know about scholarships? Is it that rare, or something? I won’t waste time by mentioning that bland episode plot anymore since it already wasted everyone’s time. The attempts at comedy this episode were pretty subpar as well, relying on shameless maid fanservice that had absolutely nothing to do with the minor sidestory… and yet I still laughed at chuu2boy fantasizing about Totsuka as a maid. Goddamn it. My rotting brain is turning into mush. くそむし.

Also Yukinoshita nyaa~ing with Hachiman’s cat was pretty random, although it did show her fondness for animals and maybe even, dare I say it, a soft side she hasn’t let on yet. Her scrutinizing banter with Hachiman hasn’t gotten old (yet), but I do feel it is just a worse and shittier form of the legendary Araragi/Senjougahara conversations of amazing hilariousness. Speaking of which, FUCK YEAH Bakemono this summer. AND it’s 2cour. Can’t. Wait. /squeal


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