Henneko – 10


Tsukiko and her antics, man. If only she had done a better job of hiding inside Yokodera’s dakimakura and cleaning up all that stuffing she left on the ground, then maybe he would have actually used it like she wanted. That would have been the highlight scene of the season for me… maybe even Araragi-Toothbrush status. Anyway, I guess now the Nekogami is transporting Tsuki/Yoko to the past where they can rediscover their lost memories; I’m assuming that they met a long time ago when they were both kids and simply forgot about it, hopefully that will be enough to alleviate Tsukiko’s girl troubles (srsly, who cares who he met first). But I wonder if there was some outside force that made them forget about their past meeting, and maybe it had something to do with Tsutsukakushi’s mother’s death?

Lol Koutetsu no Ou… how can she still be in denial/delusion that Yokodera has a younger brother… I don’t even understand. But since her reactions and swooning are hilarious I guess it’s fine.


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