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Published on April 21st, 2013 | by clazy


Henneko – 02 “妖精さんは怒らない”


As expected, the silliness in this show knows no bounds, but quickly pulls the tension together during dramatic/emotional parts. Animal Cafe silliness, tricking Azuki into thinking he impregnated her, making a stalker movie, I hope Yokodera never gets his facade back! He’s too hilarious. Good thing the animation quality looks to stay the same and didn’t suffer from the 2nd episode quality drop that some other shows have. Also, DAT ED. Oh my god Tsutsukakushi dancing with her “other half” was fantastic. Speaking of which, Tsutsukakushi is by far my new favorite dead-pan character of all time (sorry Nagato Yuki). Her conversations with Hentai-Ouji/Azuki Azusa are great and her domineering sister is unintentionally hilarious too.

Next episode looks like Yokodera consoling Azuki on her problems and containing the damage he made after ditching her at the game center. Dunno if I should be proud that the show I look forward to the most each week has “hentai” in its title.



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