Haganai NEXT – 02 “Club Homo”


Rika has a new look, which Kodaka mistakenly lets everyone know that she’s perfectly his type. Rika’s personality stays the same, however, and he takes back his compliments. Rika convinces everyone to watch a 2 hour movie on the Homo Club anime which to everyone’s surprise, is really well made and enthralling. Yozora acknowledges it as a work of art. Sena gets mad that she accepts BL but not her erotic games as a proper media form and Yozora makes her say one of the ero scenes out loud. Sena runs away in typical fashion. Kodaka meets Maria’s sister, Kate, who is grateful to the Rinjinbu for taking care of her sister. Yozora and Kodaka compare test answers. Sena tries to show off her smarts but only pisses Yozora off for interrupting her time with Kodaka.


There wasn’t nearly enough glasses-less Rika! Also I was hoping for a more animated reaction from everyone in the club after watching the homo club movie: Yukimura unfortunately stayed dead-pan without much Kodaka love and Rika wasn’t nearly as animated about trying to get Yozora into BL. Shit, even Kodaka didn’t have much of a reaction to the fact that he watched a 2 hour movie of guy on guy action. “やらないか?” And Yozora cried more than I did watching Les Mis, what the hell!

I feel like Sena getting all embarrassed at reading aloud her H-game was used already in the first season, but I don’t really care enough to look. I also read the haganai manga so maybe that’s where I remember it from. Either way, that scene still wasn’t that great/funny anyway.

After the Homo Club movie scene, this episode went downhill. Kate just seemed like a sloven fart joke. Maria’s awful language was same as always. Comparing answers was terribly boring. After a good first episode, this one was terribly sub-par. Minami-ke this past week gave me more to “laugh” about. And by “laugh” I mean just blowing air out of my nostrils in bursts.

Oh well, maybe something will actually happen next week. Hopefully Rika keeps her new look for a while too.



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