Haganai Next – 01

Short Summary:

Rika and Yozora trick Sena into letting them restyle her hair into the latest fashion craze. They take this opportunity to stick a bunch of random objects in her hair, but Sena’s dad gets mad and spanks her for it when she gets home. Sena invites Kodaka to study at her house, which he readily accepts since Sena has the best grades in his grade. It quickly turns into a relaxing hangout session but not before Kodaka can discover her weird hobby being infatuated with Yozora. Kodaka ends up staying the night out of Pegasus’ request so he can ask if Sena is being bullied at school. Kodaka assures him that it’s not the case and if anything does happen, he will step in to protect her.


Well, a second season of Haganai… I can’t really say that this was unexpected, the first season was decent enough with Yozora’s hilarious pranks on the unsuspecting Sena. Based off the OP, it seems that there will be a few other characters introduced this season. One of them of course being Maria’s older sister, Kate, voiced by Emiri Katou, no less!

This first episode was entertaining enough for a first episode. We get to discover Sena’s hentai stalker hobby, which was a little unexpected… actually, what the flying shit. I would’ve expected pictures of Kobato, but she really “treasures” her best friend. That last scene with her sniffing Yozora’s wig was hilariously unnecessary, but I guess shows her evolution into a fujoshi like Rika. There’s a lot of sexual undertones in this show I realized. From the “masturbation” back washing scene to the condom from Stella, it’s amazing that Kodaka hasn’t cracked for any romantic feelings under all this duress. It seems that Pegasus also has the idea that Kodaka has some feelings for Sena; he certainly seems like the perfect candidate as the son of his best friend. As much as I like Sena over Yozora, I feel like we are already on the Yozora route anyway… MY POOR NIKU!!


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