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Published on December 18th, 2011 | by clazy


Haganai – 11

Clearly a beer can. Someone’s been doing some underage drinking, I assume its Rika since she seems the only one “adult” enough to try it. Although seeing Sena’s dad’s drinking habits, I guess you can’t rule her out either. I felt pretty sorry for Yozora after getting drenched in firework ash water, which was a terrible idea by Kodaka… but at least he finally remembered her nickname. Sora and Taka, very fitting names for these buddies. I wonder how this development will change the internal operations of the Rinjinbu. Since he finally made the connection, I feel like Yozora might take the next step in showing off her feelings for Kodaka since she clearly likes him. Sena needs to move fast! As touching as Sora and Taka’s reunion was this episode, I am still whole-heartily cheering for Sena. I better fucking get my Sena route OVA or I’m going to be pissed.


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