Free! – 08


The rest of the Iwatobi Swim Team follows Haru’s example and falls short of qualifying for the finals. However, when all hope seems to be lost, Gou announces that she secretly signed the team up for the relay race the next day. Everyone is surprised but eager for a chance at redemption and hurries to Haru’s house to tell him the news.

The group finds Haru’s house empty, and waits for him to return. Everyone soon grows tired and heads home, but Makoto stays behind. When Haru finally gets home he finds a message left by the rest of the team telling him about the relay race, and agrees to participate.

The next day the Iwatobi Swim Team competes in the relay race, with Rin watching on the sidelines.


Hahaha! Rin is so totally jealous of the Iwatobi Swim team. He even goes so far as completely trashing Rei’s Butterfly form. Well Rin… if you weren’t such an angsty motherfucker, you could have been in that position. It obvious that what Rin and Haru really want is to be able to swim together as a team again, but fat chance of that ever happening any time soon. Other than that, nothing much of anything really went down this episode in terms of character development.

We shall see what the outcome of the relay race is. Can’t really guarantee that they’ll win. But, I’m pretty confident that they can at least make the cut.

I can’t wait for next week’s obligatory Summer Festival filler episode. >__>


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