Free! – 07


Rin wakes up from a nightmare. He later reveals to his kouhai that his father died during a strong typhoon while out at sea. He explains that he is determined to become an Olympic swimmer to fulfill his father’s dream and that if he can’t beat Haru, he is unable to move forward.

The day of the race finally arrives, and the 100m frees are scheduled for the morning. After an extremely close heat, Rin comes out the victor. He tells Haru that this is the last time that he will ever swim with him.


Totally didn’t see Haru losing in the 100m free. But, I guess it wouldn’t have made sense for him to win so easily. Rin would have just challenged him again during the next race, and the vicious cycle would continue endlessly. Haru seems to be dejected from the loss, but I’ll bet it’ll light a fire under his ass more than anything else.

Judging from the previews next week and the blatant “half-luck” foreshadowing, its pretty easy to surmise the results of the 4-man team medley, and I’m guessing Free! will focus more on team swimming from that point forward. Rin will realize that while he can win individually, he is unable to surpass the synergy of the Iwatobi team, and will make defeating them his new goal. I’m not so sure what will happen after that, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see how the Haru x Rin conflict resolves itself.


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