Free! – 06


Makoto jumps into the raging ocean to save Rei, but freezes up after a flashback from his traumatic past. Luckily, Haru and Nagisa arrive to save the day and pull them both ashore. They find that have ended up on the island opposite of where they camped out, and decide to wait out the storm before swimming back.

To escape the chilly weather, the group takes shelter in an abandoned rest house. There they learn that Makoto lost a friend to the ocean which resulted in his subsequent fear. After a long night of talking, the rain finally lets up and the team makes their way back to the campsite.


“Hey guys, lets just all jump into the ocean. Nevermind the ten foot waves, or the hurricane force winds, WE GOT THIS.” >__>

Yeah, I laughed a bit when that warning came up last episode about the dangers of swimming at night (or in a storm) but really, the ocean is not something to mess with. Makoto was SO lucky that Haru heard his voice. If Haru was a heavy sleeper, the swim team would have instantly been down two people. But luckily enough, everyone made it back to land without too much trouble, and even luckier, Makoto’s recovery spared us from a juicy Haru x Makoto CPR scene.

WHEW… Dodged the bullet on that one.

Moving on, was it just me, or was anyone else disappointed with Makoto’s backstory? I know this sounds bad, but I felt like having that old fisherman die wouldn’t be a traumatic enough event for him to fear the ocean as much as he does. I thought it was something much worse like a family member, or a personal close call that sparked his phobia. Well whatever, perhaps he really WAS close to that fisherman, and KyoAni just didn’t really do a good job of showing it.

Next week looks like the prefectural tournament. Yay… finally back to the main plot.


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  1. clazy says:

    If this show was done by GAINAX, the story would progress as usual then on the last episode we would find out that Makoto really did drown in the ocean and this was all a dream. 

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