Free! – 04-05


Rei surmises that the reason he is unable to swim is because of his swimming gear, so the club goes to the store to pick out some new swim suits. Haruka has a chance run in with Rin, and they promise each other that they will meet again at the prefectural tournament as competitors.

While going through the old stuff in the club room, Kou finds the old Iwatodai swim team’s training regiment, a 5 km swimming/running circuit between four islands. After much deliberation and planning, the group decides to hold a training camp at the island.

Once there they discover that coincidentally, the Samezuka swim team is also holding a training camp. This further motivates the Iwatodai team to practice. However, Rei is unsatisfied with his progress and goes off for a secret ocean training session late at night. However, the weather takes a turn for the worst, and Rei becomes trapped in the torrent of a raging midnight storm. Makoto notices that Rei is missing from the tent and heads outside to look for him. As he’s scanning the ocean, he sees Rei struggling to stay afloat and quickly rushes into the ocean in an attempt to save him.


As silly as this show is, I’m not gonna lie. I think its starting to grow on me a little.

I thought the changing room scene in episode four was freaking hilarious, especially Rei, with his Chouchoufujin (Madame Butterfly) swim outfit. It was also funny to watch Kou, who at first was excited to see all the guys in scantily clad swimwear, slowly get worn down. HAH! Now you ladies know what it feels like for us guys when you drag us around shopping everywhere.

The next episode had a more serious tone to it with the Makoto subplot and his mysterious/tragic past with the ocean, all coming to a head with Rei’s life or death situation. It’s definitely one side we haven’t seen much of yet in Free!, and I welcome it with open arms.


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