Free! – 03


The Iwatodai Swim Team still needs one more member to become a fully fledged club. Luckily, Nagisa scouts out a member of the track team, Ryuugazaki Rei. After a relentless barrage of pestering from Nagisa, Rei agrees to become a trial member as long as he is not forced to swim.

The team heads to a joint practice with Samezuka. There, everyone discovers Rei has no idea how to swim, almost drowning after diving off the starting block. Dejected, Rei resigns himself to the side of the pool, but his embarrassment quickly fades when Haru takes the stage. After watching Haru’s unique style of swimming, Rei makes up his mind and joins the swim team.


My reaction to Kou’s oogling.

Gou is the saving grace of Free!

She is the singular beacon of hope for men lost in a foreign world of muscular body shots and sparkles.

And she is the only reason why I still watch this show.

I like her character design a lot, and her Kou/Gou exchanges with Nagisa are just too cute to ignore. Besides that, there really isn’t any other reason for me to watching Free! It’s just a show about handsome guys doing handsome things, kind of like K-On!, which I wasn’t really fond of either.

I’m just not all that into shows with no substance. Instead, I tend to gravitate towards offerings that actually stimulate the mind. But I realize that not everyone is me, and I’m not everyone. And I will admit that it’s sometimes nice to shut off the brain for awhile and stare and pretty things.

WHOA wait. I just noticed something. Free! and K-On! both have !’s. Coincidence? I think not…


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  1. clazy says:

    Just when I got a good triceps workout routine too… DAMNIT KOU!

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