Free! – 02


Nagisa decides to resurrect the Iwatodai High School Swim Club, and convinces Ama-sensei to be their club adviser after hearing a rumor that she used to be a swimsuit designer. The club is approved by the school board and all that’s left is the clean up/renovation of the pool and locating a fourth member for the club. Gou (Kou) decides to join in hopes that she can find a way to help her troubled brother.


After this episode, I’m convinced that if you train your triceps hard enough, glitter and sparkles will start to emanate from them whenever you flex.

But seriously, despite all of Kou’s muscle ogling moments and the sparkling muscle body shots, this episode was actually pretty enjoyable. KyoAni made excellent use of flashbacks, masterfully weaving them into the main storyline. This served to enhance the storytelling even further, and allowed us a glimpse at how past events shaped everyone’s behavior and relationships with each other. For example, when Makoto meets his old swimming coach and learns that Haruka had a secret race with Rin, he finally realizes why Haruka decided to give up competitive swimming.

Things like flashbacks aren’t exactly revolutionary in the anime world, but KyoAni’s execution and attention to detail brings Free! to an entirely different level from the usual B-grade rubbish that we often see.

If only Free! were like this:

One can dream can’t they?


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