Free! – 01

Brief Summary:

Nanase Haruka, Hazuki Nagisa, and Tachibana Makoto reunite as they start their first year at Iwatobi High School. They decide to explore the now abandoned Iwatobi Swimming Club facility where they first swam together as kids. There they run into the last member of their childhood swim club, Matsuoka Rin. It is later revealed by Matsuoka Gou that her brother is attending the Samezuka Academy. The group decides to pay him a visit and jumps into the Samezuka Academy’s pool for a quick swim after their club practice finishes. Rin finds them there and tells them to go home. However, Nanase speaks up and essentially declares a swimming challenge to Rin.


Well… that was interesting. But, I’m going to refrain from labeling this show as BL crap that only girls would enjoy, and merely say that Free! is probably not my cup of tea.

When you think about it, the majority of anime nowadays are focused on a mostly male audience. Nobody bats an eye at ecchi because that’s what anime viewers have grown accustomed to, but when a muscular guy takes off his shirt, suddenly everyone is up in arms. Kind of a dumb double standard. KyoAni has already given us FMP, Haruhi, K-On, Clannad, Chu2Koi, and many others. It’s a good a time as ever for the ladies to get a show of their own.

I’ll probably continue to watch Free! to see how it develops, but at the moment I’m not too impressed with the story/concept. The character design and art is spot on though, as should be expected from a KyoAni show.


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