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Published on May 1st, 2013 | by clazy


Fo’ Sho’ My Youth Love Comedy is All Messed Up – 04


TOTSUKAAAHHH. That’s one dangerous trap; my heart nearly melted at the end when he’s like “yeah! I decided on a group already! With you!!” /heartattack. Although I continue to watch this show for the jokes, good mesh of characters, attractive character designs on girls (and Totsuka), and Hachiman’s awesome internal dialogue, I’m wondering why I wait so long to watch it each week. I mean, it’s probably the second most enjoyable lighthearted show I’m watching this season (after hentai neko, of course), in my own messed up opinion, and it’s awesomely hilarious how intrinsically messed up Hachiman’s youth ideology is, but he still ends up saving the day/does something useful; like tennis last episode and observation skills this episode. And most likely, his ability to take hits to save puppies will end up in a benefit next episode with that new character. Speaking of which the next episode airs in less than half a day from now.

Also big points to Yukinoshita for the excellent absolute territory.


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