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Published on May 19th, 2012 | by clazy


Fate/Zero – 20

I was so sad when she started talking about Ilya. I NEED an animated Heaven’s Feel route.


With all the flashback episodes the last couple weeks, I expected some action! Too bad all we got was some minor build up: Kariya gets Sakura’s shoujo power, Maiya dies, Rider kidnaps Irie, and Kiritsugu gets Avalon. Really boring if you ask me; but at least next episode should be good (I feel like I’ve said this countless times blogging this series -_-). The Rider/Waver relationship seems a lot like Shirou/Saber; Saber doesnt use Shirou’s mana cuz he’s such a shit master and they’re more friendly with each other compared to other pairs. Unfortunately Rider/Waver’s bro talk put me to sleep since “I’ll be good to go by midnight” turned into what seemed like 15 minutes of conversation.

When Kiritsugu infiltrated the Tohsaka estate I almost thought he would run into Rin for some hilariousness.
*sigh* This show needs more LoliRin.

I feel like Kotomine is going to wreck face and I can’t wait. I also want to see what other tricks Kiritsugu has up his sleeve. Being a time mage is pretty baller, especially with his Caster Shells special bullets. lol. Anyone else excited for Toonami coming back? Outlaw Star/Cowboy Bebop is the shit.


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