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Published on April 29th, 2012 | by clazy


Fate/Zero – 17 Betrayal


The action and plot developments continue in full blast. Not only were Caster and Lancer eliminated from the battle, but Tokiomi is out as well. Needless to say, Kirei’s betrayal was pure evil. That dark ‘iie’ that Kirei uttered before stabbing his master was chilling, but OH SO GOOD. Even leading up to the stab was great, setting up Kirei as Rin’s guardian/teacher. I can’t wait for the big flashy final battle. EA better look spectacular and fabulous, that’s all I can say. Speaking of fabulous, Gil was so GARcher this episode. I mean seriously, look at that:

Not as GAR as being the bone of your sword, though.

Kirei has so many command seals, he could force Gil to not shoot those gay glances at him. Or at least limit it to once an episode.

Next episode looks like a flashback to Kiritsugu’s childhood and his history with the Einzberns. We probably get a glimpse at what Kiritsugu’s wish to the Holy Grail might be along with the source of his fighting resolve. I expect some Lolirisviel, so lets see if is more loli than super-lolilya… which I think will be nearly impossible.


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