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Published on April 21st, 2012 | by clazy


Fate/Zero – 16


Wow, this episode was a good followup to last week’s Caster fight. Right off the bat we see Maiya easily take out Sola’s 2 remaining command seals while Archibald gets one from the church for Lancer’s efforts in the Caster battle. I have no idea why the pastor gave him one though. The reasoning was that Lancer played a key part in the Caster fight, but wasn’t it Saber who actually defeated him? Unless the church was planning on giving out a command seal to everyone, it really doesn’t make sense. But Keyneth definitely planned it out by killing the pastor right after.

Felt bad for Lancer. He had to take all that patronizing from his master to his face. AND THEN go outside to fight Saber, in which he’s forced to commit suicide due to Kiritsugu’s intervention. His last wish of a final chivalrous bout with Saber was sullied. At least he didn’t go down without looking like a boss – his demonic-looking gaze and last words were truly the highlight of the episode. But, I think we can all agree that Kiritsugu is the true badass in the show. The way he sneakily set up the situation with Sola’s hostage situation coupled with Maiya’s eventual mow down of Keyneth and Sola. Holy shit. If he’s coldblooded now, I cannot wait for how he’s going to deal with Waver (if he has to). I feel like we won’t see any more of this sneaky, underhanded bloodshed with ultimatums though. Too much sympathizing with enemies makes Kiritsugu really look like a bad guy. At the end of the episode, Irie collapses. Reason: unknown.

I liked the connection with FSN here. Saber asked about Kiritsugu’s coldblooded killing style in which he responded that knights and chivalry is bullshit, and heroes are bullshit. This is the exact opposite of Shirou’s ideals – he wants to be the hero who protects everyone (even his own servant) – and FSN Archer is basically Shirou who lost those ideals and followed Kiritsugu’s path. Dammit Type-Moon, you make the best stories. Now hurry up and finish Tsukihime 2, please! I want to see Satsujinki kill some dead apostles.


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