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Published on April 15th, 2012 | by clazy


Fate/Zero – 15 Excalibur Unleashed!


Shit. Went. Down. Let’s recap on the episode:
– Kariya was easily defeated by Tokiomi despite his best efforts and grunts.
– Kotomine begins on his own personal agenda for the holy grail war sparked by Gil’s lectures.
– Good guy Lancer really is just a nice guy. Too bad it looks like Saber vs Lancer will happen again next episode which will end their chivalrous partnership. With one less Noble Phantasm, I think we know who will win.
– Kiritsugu was badass as usual and his plan to heal Saber and take out Caster worked perfectly.
– Saber’s flashy spectacle sparks Gil’s interest in her and his desire for her begins to take shape.
– Excalibur looks way better than in FSN, even the charge up was shiny and spectacular. I mean, look at that:

Overall the episode was a B+. The visuals and animation quality was much better than many of the previous episodes, that’s for sure. The story also looks like it will begin to pick up with the death of Caster/Uryu and the Saber/Lancer rematch next week. With the rematch between Saber and Lancer happening so soon I guess it’s safe to assume that Saber has no problem launching off Excaliblasts all day every day. Comparing that to FSN, it’s silly to think how weak she was with Shiro as her master. I mean seriously, F/Z there is no mention of mana resupply or any of the prevailing problems that were in FSN. Even the least powerful masters (Uryu and Waver) seem to have no problem controlling mana supply to allow their servants a legitimate fighting chance.

Seeing Kariya overexert himself like that is pretty disheartening. Even though he sacrificed so much to become a master, he has little to show for it; he got pushed around by Tokiomi so easily that it was hard to watch, especially knowing that he’s fighting for Sakura’s sake, the daughter of the man he so badly wants to kill. Of course I’m still cheering for him; been a fan since episode 1. Overall, I feel that the story in F/Z is much more engaging since it’s much easier to have a favorite character, compared to FSN where it’s pretty much assumed that everyone fighting except Shiro and Rin and friends are evil. For example, all the fujoshi will go for the Waver/Rider shonen ai while the normal girls will go for the pretty boy/nice guy Lancer. Meanwhile, guys will be split between the badassness of Berserker and Kiritsugu. This is all just hypothesis though and feel free to prove me otherwise.



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  1. Shizuo says:

    Cool, finally Saber released Excaliburrr!!!

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